Liman Mah.,
Bileydiler cd. 7,
Antalya, Konyaaltı


 We do not use any carcinogenic substances and/or cleaning products such as clorium or its derivatives in the pool  or any where else in our Club. We do not allow ant type of process that causes carbon gas emissions within our premises. Consumption of tobacco is strictly forbidden in our club except in designated areas. Usuage of natural or chemical narcotics are not allowed. Persons who restrict our guests' freedom  and negatively effect the quality of our guests' holidays with their actions are not allowed to enter or stay in our Club. According to us human rights and animal rights knows complement each other, and thus we respect to both. We strictly abide by WHO's healthy  food programme and we do not use any unhealthy ingredients or allow unhealthy food in our Club. Our management  prioritize women and ensures maximum respect for the in our CLUB.


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